Since our mission back in 2014, we knew going green was the correct path towards leaving a better footprint on our society. In our day and age, recycling from the source has become a dire necessity that motivates us to adopt a green initiative and help spread awareness. Sustainability in the past was reducing costs which in turn reduced end products, but it has evolved since. The sheer amount of disposable material amounted dailyto a considerable amount that we knew ended up in landfills instead of being reused. A hotel’s wide array of suppliers from agriculture to disposable plastics provide a wide spectrum that entice any establishment to consider its carbon footprint. Despite research that going green would benefit hotels’ profitability and enhance its values, we didn’t seriously consider proceeding with our recycling program for simply being too stretched out setting up our full operation and providing exceptional service in our touristic city. In 2015, Lebanon faced a trash crisis that shocked locals and internationals alike. Trash abound was enough to get every caring citizen to react and activists sprung to spread awareness and attempt to reduce national waste. NGOs and startups like Uber mushroomed around the recycling ecosystem, bloggers shared tips to reduce waste by ordering less food deliveries and using disposables. We had a duty to our mission and national obligations
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Al Murjan Palace Hotel Al Murjan Palace Hotel is located in the heart of the city of Jounieh, Lebanon, at the center of major attractions. It is 45 km away from the Faraya ski slopes and 200 m away from the seashore.

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